StageDog Productions (SDP) was initially formed in March, 2001 and was organized as an LLC in September of 2004. Owner Robert Maxwell, better known as "Max" by business associates, has worked in the entertainment business since 1990. He started out by taking media arts college courses while at the University of Arizona as a student. He then gained initial experience by working as as an electrician in studio settings. This led to freelance stagehand work on all types of live stage productions, concerts, plays, etc., and eventually led to work in film productions. Max ultimately settled into the world of corporate audio visual (AV) production. This challenging segment of the industry soon became the core of SDP's expertise, as well as Max's favorite field of endeavor. The company quickly mastered the art of balancing perfection with physical constraints, venue, gear, and time. StageDog Productions, LLC, is adept at providing set-up techs, strike techs and operating staff that project an image compatible with the corporate setting. A great deal of effort has been spent training techs in the proper ways to set a show. This runs the gamut from drapes to backstage neatness and safety. SDP provides operating techs ranging from basic camera-ops to department heads, such as video engineers or project managers. StageDog Productions' years of experience in the corporate AV arena provides for you appropriate placement of staff in positions that combine their strengths and your needs, thus enhancing your corporate productivity.